By Beacon Hill
Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Community Engagement: United Way Event at Cedar Creek Lake

United Way is a local movement of volunteers, advocates, partners, and donors committed to advancing the common good by mobilizing communities around education, financial stability, and health. Last night we were able to hear from people who have received help from United Way, including a kidney transplant recipient who is a very dear leader in our local community, along with many others.

As a community at Cedar Creek Lake, we feel it is important to be involved not just with our community, but within the entire lake community. Thank you to Terri Gregory for inviting our community to this amazing event, and thank you to our table guests who are leaders within the community for joining us and helping reach out and grow our community outreach.

The theme was FALL, and each Table Sponsor had the opportunity to decorate their own tables within the wide realm of the theme. We are pleasantly surprised to announce our table received the honor of 3rd place!